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Renita Walsh

The next time you go to Japan you need to include a trip to Nippori. It is known as 'Textile Town'. It is @ 2 stations north west of Ueno on the Yamanote JR Train Loop in Tokyo. FABULOUS textiles, including a store devoted to Yusan--that iconic crepey rayon Japanese textile.
I started using your website because of the Japanese textiles--everything else is a bonus!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Dina Johnson

I love your Asian fabrics. My major focus in my work is Asian design. Right now I'm working on the panels for wall hangings. The colors are so rich and inspiring!
Dina Johnson

Andrea Harles

Somehow your comments and pictures about Japanese fabric brought to mind the exhibit at the Smithsonian I saw about 15 years ago of Itchiku Kubota's Symphony of Light. I was totally awestruck. Using kimonos as his canvas and his adaptation of an ancient technique of fabric manipulation and dyeing somewhat like shibori he created a scene of the four seasons that filled the room. The best pictures that I found are on Pinterest, but they are like listening to a symphony on your iphone without earbuds. The photos just don't capture the luminescence and intricacies, Have you ever seen these in person? http://www.pinterest.com/mamamiawatamama/artist-itchiku-tsujigahana/

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