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Cherryl Barron

What a lovely story and a quilt given with love is something to treasure forever, along with the new baby within it!
Cherryl from Perth Western Australia

Donna Kate Morgan

I loved reading about Sophie's homecoming wrapped in that heart quilt. I am very new at Quilts and am in between sewing machines .I would like to see your hearts quilt laid out ,please, so I can try to duplicate it .Just because I don't have a sewing machine doesn't mean I can't cut fabric and plan quilts!I actually have three quilt fabric sets - even one hexagon one all ready to go when I find a sewing machine that is affordable to me ! Quilting is a big deal here and the Trafalger Museum has a great display on them.

I enjoy all your e mails nudges and such ,

Donna Kate Morgan
Savannah Georgia


What a heart-warming story. Thank you for sharing. My son in the Army has a life-long buddy who had their first baby in June. I made Sophia a machine-pieced hexagon quilt which I hurried to make so that it had plenty of time for the mail to reach him in Germany where he is stationed. They loved it! Jerome sent me an email thanking me for the quilt and he said now he knows he has family in California. I almost cried.

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