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I have been enjoying all your travel stories via the eQuilter page. Even if I'm not buying fabric at the time, I always open the email to see what you are writing about. Sharing your personal travel stories is a neat way to do business.

I was in Australia with my family this spring too. A jump from Oregon winter to Aussie late summer was delightful! We visited our family between Sydney and Brisbane over the course of a month (and took in a few days in NZ and a week in Rarotonga afterwards). It was my boys first time down under. What a wonderful time we had!

I too am smitten with the birds. That's what I miss most, waking up to all the amazing bird calls, and swimming in the ocean almost every day.

And I love Ireland, I hope you have a great time there. Get out to the locals pubs for the best music!

Kathryn Oftedal

Goodbye Maurice. I too was touched by the power of his words and his inspiration to children of all ages. Thank God for him.
For my part, I am soon to don my green fairy dress and fly over the North Pole to meet you in Dublin for the Emerald Isle Tour. Excitement doesn't begin to convey my feelings of wonder over this long awaited adventure.
Let the wild rumpus begin, indeed.

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