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Gill Clark

You know why you run out of material/thread, the machine breaks down or you prick yourself, its because of the guy called Murphy and his law. If any thing can go wrong you can guarantee that Murphy is around the corner just waiting for his chance
Have a great time here in Oz


Hope you enjoy your time in Melbourne! I'm going to AQC today (Thursday), so won't get the chance to say Hi to you in person.

Elwyn Dolvin

The tradition among wedding-dress-makers is that there should always be a tiny blood stain somewhere on the dress. That way, the seamstress/seamster has taken the 'pain' away from the wedding already, and hopefully from the marriage as well.

Just another little service we provide...

Susan Whippo

Love the beautiful colors in these flowers!! I love to make colorful quilts and have recently stretched out of my comfort zone to create two quilts using fabric that I bought on your site. It was a Frida Kalo pattern and my sister and niece -- both artists -- just loved it!!! I'm so glad I found you!!

Pauline Guzek

Your comment of pricking your finger and being concerned about blood on white fabric reminded me of an incident in January. I've been sewing for 30 odd years and one evening while sewing a seam for a quilt backing, I ran the sewing machine needle through my middle finger as I was guiding the fabric through. How this ever happened, I don't know, but my first concern was "did I get blood on the fabric". My next thought concerned how many pieces the needle broke into as I could see the tip of it sticking out the other side of my finger. My husband was able to pull it out but it wasn't very long so we knew there was still some inside my finger. The ER doctor said it would be more of a mess if they tried to get it out as it was just under my fingernail, so there it lies.

I enjoy your blog and have shared your photographs with my husband who loves them!


Hello Luana,
Enjoy Melbourne, there is good coffee to be had in a wonderful lane between Little Collins Street to Collins Street......if you have time stroll through Block Arcade and also ..... up the top end of Collins Street.... somewhere ! there is a lane or two that is an out door gallery of Grafitti art, the building walls are covered with well executed works.
I live not far from the Great Ocean Road, I assume you will be driving to Lorne....
At a public hall in Deans Marsh, ( 20 minute drive through the forest inland from Lorne), the stage curtain is a wonderful work of art...... embroidery, applique, painted, hand dyed, photo transfer......dipicting local flora and fauna, farming activities, local history, aboriginal heritage. The curtain is some metres in dimension. It was worked on by many local women and children, over many days and weekends, some women returned to the hall who had moved away some years ago...... some of those women had worked on the original curtain.
This curtain was to finally replace the original curtain that was hand stitched during the war...... cannot remember if at the end of European conflict......but local women, Red Cross members and Country Womens Asso. members, worked and fashioned a curtain with finite resources. That curtain is now held by the Victorian Museum in Melbourne.
I have just googled the curtain.....www.deansmarsh.org.au, and I am surprised and pleased that the page actually shows my contribution....sulphur crested cockatoos ! how wonderful . If your time time allows, perhaps on your return journey to melbourne.....you could call in.....
Also at Lorne, can recommend Cuda Bar for very good food; there is also a cafe/restaurant right on the beach, sort of attached to the public pool, have not eaten there yet; take a walk along the pier; there is an art gallery called Qdos in the bush, over the hill behind the main township, a very pleasant space also with cafe and outdoor sculpture.
Historically the Great Ocean Road starts at a place called Eastern View and runs through to Apollo Bay.
I will advise you to DRIVE CAREFULLY and drive somewhat to the left in your lane.....not to the centre line. There are some stunning views from a number of corners and bends.......the weather is reported to be quite nice and warm for your visit......Enjoy......Heather

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