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Suzan P.

There are rules in quilting??? I just told a friend there aren't any rules - you can do anything you want when you design a quilt!!! If I believed in rules, I would never have started. I have designed every one of the 48 quilts I've made (and completed) in the past 15 years, using a wide variety of block patterns. Many were hand embroidered and/or hand appliqued, but all of them were hand quilted. That's MY only rule!

marlene stabin

Hi Luana,
>> I knew before I read it and saw the photo , you had been to Vizcaya. I was there 6 yrs ago and it was wonderful. The girl in the gown reminded me of my day spent there. My girlfriend , who lives in Ft. Lauderdale area, told me the Latin girls go there for photos in their "coming of age" gowns when they turn 15. What a wonderful place to have photos taken.
>> To think this man was a bachelor who built it was a bachelor!!.
>> I was just in Florida myselfr this past 5 days. Looking to retire in Lake County/Ocala area. Ocala is horse country and just beautiful.
>> Have a great trip to Australia. Another wonderful place, never been but on my dream list.
>> Marlene

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